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DISC-LawLLM: Fine-tuning Large Language Models for Intelligent Legal Services

fudandisc/disc-lawllm 20 Sep 2023

We propose DISC-LawLLM, an intelligent legal system utilizing large language models (LLMs) to provide a wide range of legal services.

Causality and Responsibility for Formal Verification and Beyond

y-ding/causal-system-papers 29 Aug 2016

The theory of actual causality, defined by Halpern and Pearl, and its quantitative measure - the degree of responsibility - was shown to be extremely useful in various areas of computer science due to a good match between the results it produces and our intuition.

Passing the Brazilian OAB Exam: data preparation and some experiments

own-pt/oab-exams 14 Dec 2017

In Brazil, all legal professionals must demonstrate their knowledge of the law and its application by passing the OAB exams, the national bar exams.

Designing Normative Theories for Ethical and Legal Reasoning: LogiKEy Framework, Methodology, and Tool Support

cbenzmueller/LogiKEy 25 Mar 2019

A framework and methodology---termed LogiKEy---for the design and engineering of ethical reasoners, normative theories and deontic logics is presented.

LegalBench: Prototyping a Collaborative Benchmark for Legal Reasoning

hazyresearch/legalbench 13 Sep 2022

Finally-inspired by the Open Science movement-we make a call for the legal and computer science communities to join our efforts by contributing new tasks.

LegalBench: A Collaboratively Built Benchmark for Measuring Legal Reasoning in Large Language Models

hazyresearch/legalbench NeurIPS 2023

The advent of large language models (LLMs) and their adoption by the legal community has given rise to the question: what types of legal reasoning can LLMs perform?

A Comprehensive Evaluation of Large Language Models on Legal Judgment Prediction

srhthu/lm-compeval-legal 18 Oct 2023

Large language models (LLMs) have demonstrated great potential for domain-specific applications, such as the law domain.

Can ChatGPT Perform Reasoning Using the IRAC Method in Analyzing Legal Scenarios Like a Lawyer?

christinakang/sirac 23 Oct 2023

Each scenario in the corpus is annotated with a complete IRAC analysis in a semi-structured format so that both machines and legal professionals are able to interpret and understand the annotations.

Modeling Legal Reasoning: LM Annotation at the Edge of Human Agreement

rosthalken/legal-interpretation 27 Oct 2023

Our findings generally sound a note of caution in the use of generative LMs on complex tasks without fine-tuning and point to the continued relevance of human annotation-intensive classification methods.

TMID: A Comprehensive Real-world Dataset for Trademark Infringement Detection in E-Commerce

emnlptmid/ 8 Dec 2023

Annually, e-commerce platforms incur substantial financial losses due to trademark infringements, making it crucial to identify and mitigate potential legal risks tied to merchant information registered to the platforms.