Lightweight Face Recognition

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Lightweight Face Recognition models are a group of face recognition models with lightweight backbones, which can be used for mobile or edge device applications.

Most implemented papers

SeesawFaceNets: sparse and robust face verification model for mobile platform

didi/AoE arXiv 2019

Therefore, designing lightweight networks with low memory requirement and computational cost is one of the most practical solutions for face verification on mobile platform.

GhostFaceNets: Lightweight Face Recognition Model From Cheap Operations

HamadYA/GhostFaceNets IEEE Access 2023

The development of deep learning-based biometric models that can be deployed on devices with constrained memory and computational resources has proven to be a significant challenge.

VarGFaceNet: An Efficient Variable Group Convolutional Neural Network for Lightweight Face Recognition

zma-c-137/VarGFaceNet 11 Oct 2019

To improve the discriminative and generalization ability of lightweight network for face recognition, we propose an efficient variable group convolutional network called VarGFaceNet.

EdgeFace: Efficient Face Recognition Model for Edge Devices

otroshi/edgeface 4 Jul 2023

In this paper, we present EdgeFace, a lightweight and efficient face recognition network inspired by the hybrid architecture of EdgeNeXt.

ShrinkTeaNet: Million-scale Lightweight Face Recognition via Shrinking Teacher-Student Networks

david-svitov/margindistillation 25 May 2019

In addition, this work introduces a novel Angular Distillation Loss for distilling the feature direction and the sample distributions of the teacher's hypersphere to its student.

SynthDistill: Face Recognition with Knowledge Distillation from Synthetic Data

otroshi/synthdistill 28 Aug 2023

While generating synthetic datasets for training face recognition models is an alternative option, it is challenging to generate synthetic data with sufficient intra-class variations.

Towards Flops-constrained Face Recognition

liuyuisanai/trojans-face-recognizer 2 Sep 2019

Large scale face recognition is challenging especially when the computational budget is limited.

MixFaceNets: Extremely Efficient Face Recognition Networks

fdbtrs/mixfacenets 27 Jul 2021

In this paper, we present a set of extremely efficient and high throughput models for accurate face verification, MixFaceNets which are inspired by Mixed Depthwise Convolutional Kernels.

PocketNet: Extreme Lightweight Face Recognition Network using Neural Architecture Search and Multi-Step Knowledge Distillation

fdbtrs/pocketnet 24 Aug 2021

However, this limits the deployment of such models that contain an extremely large number of parameters to embedded and low-end devices.