LV Segmentation

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Most implemented papers

A Combined Deep-Learning and Deformable-Model Approach to Fully Automatic Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac MRI

alexattia/Medical-Image-Analysis 25 Dec 2015

In this work, we employ deep learning algorithms combined with deformable models to develop and evaluate a fully automatic segmentation tool for the LV from short-axis cardiac MRI datasets.

Video-based AI for beat-to-beat assessment of cardiac function

echonet/dynamic Nature 2020

Accurate assessment of cardiac function is crucial for the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, screening for cardiotoxicity and decisions regarding the clinical management of patients with a critical illness.

Light-weight spatio-temporal graphs for segmentation and ejection fraction prediction in cardiac ultrasound

guybenyosef/echographs 6 Jul 2022

In particular, segmentations of the left ventricle can be used to derive ventricular volume, ejection fraction (EF) and other relevant measurements.

Cyclical Self-Supervision for Semi-Supervised Ejection Fraction Prediction from Echocardiogram Videos

xmed-lab/css-semivideo 20 Oct 2022

We also introduce teacher-student distillation to distill the information from LV segmentation masks into an end-to-end LVEF regression model that only requires video inputs.

SimLVSeg: Simplifying Left Ventricular Segmentation in 2D+Time Echocardiograms with Self- and Weakly-Supervised Learning

fadamsyah/simlvseg 30 Sep 2023

From calculating biomarkers such as ejection fraction to the probability of a patient's heart failure, accurate segmentation of the heart structures allows doctors to assess the heart's condition and devise treatments with greater precision and accuracy.