Meeting Summarization

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Generating a summary from meeting transcriptions.

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Dynamic Sliding Window for Meeting Summarization

no code yet • 31 Aug 2021

In this work, we first analyze the linguistic characteristics of meeting transcripts on a representative corpus, and find that the sentences comprising the summary correlate with the meeting agenda.

Meeting Summarization

Leverage Unlabeled Data for Abstractive Speech Summarization with Self-Supervised Learning and Back-Summarization

no code yet • 30 Jul 2020

In order to build a corpus for this task, it is necessary to obtain the (automatic or manual) transcription of each meeting, and then to segment and align it with the corresponding manual report to produce training examples suitable for training.

Abstractive Text Summarization Denoising +2

Generating SOAP Notes from Doctor-Patient Conversations Using Modular Summarization Techniques

no code yet • ACL 2021

Following each patient visit, physicians draft long semi-structured clinical summaries called SOAP notes.

Meeting Summarization Multi-Label Classification

Keep Meeting Summaries on Topic: Abstractive Multi-Modal Meeting Summarization

no code yet • ACL 2019

Transcripts of natural, multi-person meetings differ significantly from documents like news articles, which can make Natural Language Generation models for generating summaries unfocused.

Meeting Summarization Text Generation

Dial2Desc: End-to-end Dialogue Description Generation

no code yet • 1 Nov 2018

We first propose a new task named Dialogue Description (Dial2Desc).

Meeting Summarization

Abstractive Meeting Summarization UsingDependency Graph Fusion

no code yet • 22 Sep 2016

Automatic summarization techniques on meeting conversations developed so far have been primarily extractive, resulting in poor summaries.

Meeting Summarization Sentence Fusion

Focused Meeting Summarization via Unsupervised Relation Extraction

no code yet • WS 2012

We present a novel unsupervised framework for focused meeting summarization that views the problem as an instance of relation extraction.

Extractive Summarization Meeting Summarization +1