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Contrastive Code Representation Learning

parasj/contracode 9 Jul 2020

Recent work learns contextual representations of source code by reconstructing tokens from their context.

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Embedding Java Classes with code2vec: Improvements from Variable Obfuscation

basedrhys/obfuscated-code2vec 6 Apr 2020

code2vec is a recently released embedding approach that uses the proxy task of method name prediction to map Java methods to feature vectors.

Code Classification Method name prediction

On the Generalizability of Neural Program Models with respect to Semantic-Preserving Program Transformations

mdrafiqulrabin/tnpa-generalizability 31 Jul 2020

With the prevalence of publicly available source code repositories to train deep neural network models, neural program models can do well in source code analysis tasks such as predicting method names in given programs that cannot be easily done by traditional program analysis techniques.

Method name prediction