Morphological Analysis

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Morphological Analysis is a central task in language processing that can take a word as input and detect the various morphological entities in the word and provide a morphological representation of it.

Source: Towards Finite-State Morphology of Kurdish

Greatest papers with code

Morphological Analyzer and Generator for Russian and Ukrainian Languages

kmike/pymorphy2 25 Mar 2015

pymorphy2 is a morphological analyzer and generator for Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Morphological Analysis

Towards Deep Learning in Hindi NER: An approach to tackle the Labelled Data Scarcity

monikkinom/ner-lstm 31 Oct 2016

In this paper we describe an end to end Neural Model for Named Entity Recognition NER) which is based on Bi-Directional RNN-LSTM.

Morphological Analysis Named Entity Recognition +1

Rotation-invariant convolutional neural networks for galaxy morphology prediction

benanne/kaggle-galaxies 24 Mar 2015

Unfortunately, even this approach does not scale well enough to keep up with the increasing availability of galaxy images.

General Classification Morphological Analysis

Juman++: A Morphological Analysis Toolkit for Scriptio Continua

ku-nlp/jumanpp EMNLP 2018

We present a three-part toolkit for developing morphological analyzers for languages without natural word boundaries.

Art Analysis Language Modelling +3

Cross-Lingual Lemmatization and Morphology Tagging with Two-Stage Multilingual BERT Fine-Tuning

hyperparticle/udify WS 2019

We present our CHARLES-SAARLAND system for the SIGMORPHON 2019 Shared Task on Crosslinguality and Context in Morphology, in task 2, Morphological Analysis and Lemmatization in Context.

Lemmatization Morphological Analysis