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Unsupervised Cross-lingual Representation Learning at Scale

facebookresearch/XLM ACL 2020

We also present a detailed empirical analysis of the key factors that are required to achieve these gains, including the trade-offs between (1) positive transfer and capacity dilution and (2) the performance of high and low resource languages at scale.

Language-agnostic BERT Sentence Embedding

FreddeFrallan/Multilingual-CLIP ACL 2022

While BERT is an effective method for learning monolingual sentence embeddings for semantic similarity and embedding based transfer learning (Reimers and Gurevych, 2019), BERT based cross-lingual sentence embeddings have yet to be explored.

BLOOM: A 176B-Parameter Open-Access Multilingual Language Model

tigerresearch/tigerbot 9 Nov 2022

Large language models (LLMs) have been shown to be able to perform new tasks based on a few demonstrations or natural language instructions.

MMCR4NLP: Multilingual Multiway Corpora Repository for Natural Language Processing

zhiqu22/adapnoncenter 3 Oct 2017

Multilinguality is gradually becoming ubiquitous in the sense that more and more researchers have successfully shown that using additional languages help improve the results in many Natural Language Processing tasks.

PMIndia -- A Collection of Parallel Corpora of Languages of India

bhaddow/pmindia-crawler 27 Jan 2020

Parallel text is required for building high-quality machine translation (MT) systems, as well as for other multilingual NLP applications.

XeroAlign: Zero-Shot Cross-lingual Transformer Alignment

huawei-noah/noah-research Findings (ACL) 2021

The introduction of pretrained cross-lingual language models brought decisive improvements to multilingual NLP tasks.

Improving Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings by Meeting in the Middle

yeraidm/meemi EMNLP 2018

Cross-lingual word embeddings are becoming increasingly important in multilingual NLP.

Sequence Tagging with Contextual and Non-Contextual Subword Representations: A Multilingual Evaluation

bheinzerling/subword-sequence-tagging ACL 2019

Pretrained contextual and non-contextual subword embeddings have become available in over 250 languages, allowing massively multilingual NLP.

Simultaneous Translation and Paraphrase for Language Education

duolingo/duolingo-sharedtask-2020 WS 2020

We present the task of Simultaneous Translation and Paraphrasing for Language Education (STAPLE).