Multilingual text classification

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Multiview Boosting by Controlling the Diversity and the Accuracy of View-specific Voters

goyalanil/PB-MVBoost 17 Aug 2018

Different experiments on three publicly available datasets show the efficiency of the proposed approach with respect to state-of-art models.

ALL-IN-1: Short Text Classification with One Model for All Languages

bplank/ijcnlp2017-customer-feedback 26 Oct 2017

We present ALL-IN-1, a simple model for multilingual text classification that does not require any parallel data.

Multiview Learning of Weighted Majority Vote by Bregman Divergence Minimization

goyalanil/Multiview_Dataset_MNIST 25 May 2018

We tackle the issue of classifier combinations when observations have multiple views.

A Multi-cascaded Deep Model for Bilingual SMS Classification

haroonshakeel/bilingual_sms_classification 29 Nov 2019

Our model achieves high accuracy for classification on this dataset and outperforms the previous model for multilingual text classification, highlighting language independence of McM.

The Multilingual Amazon Reviews Corpus

mojave-pku/uniprompt EMNLP 2020

We present the Multilingual Amazon Reviews Corpus (MARC), a large-scale collection of Amazon reviews for multilingual text classification.

CogALex-VI Shared Task: Transrelation - A Robust Multilingual Language Model for Multilingual Relation Identification

Text2TCS/Transrelation 12 Dec 2020

We describe our submission to the CogALex-VI shared task on the identification of multilingual paradigmatic relations building on XLM-RoBERTa (XLM-R), a robustly optimized and multilingual BERT model.

NLP-CUET@DravidianLangTech-EACL2021: Offensive Language Detection from Multilingual Code-Mixed Text using Transformers

eftekhar-hossain/CUET_NLP-EACL_2021 EACL (DravidianLangTech) 2021

In the task, datasets provided in three languages including Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada code-mixed with English where participants are asked to implement separate models for each language.

NLP-CUET@LT-EDI-EACL2021: Multilingual Code-Mixed Hope Speech Detection using Cross-lingual Representation Learner

eftekhar-hossain/CUET_NLP-EACL_2021 EACL (LTEDI) 2021

We propose three distinct models to identify hope speech in English, Tamil and Malayalam language to serve this purpose.

Practical Transformer-based Multilingual Text Classification

sentropytechnologies/hateval2019-relabeled NAACL 2021

Transformer-based methods are appealing for multilingual text classification, but common research benchmarks like XNLI (Conneau et al., 2018) do not reflect the data availability and task variety of industry applications.