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Most implemented papers

VQA: Visual Question Answering

ramprs/grad-cam ICCV 2015

Given an image and a natural language question about the image, the task is to provide an accurate natural language answer.

From Recognition to Cognition: Visual Commonsense Reasoning

rowanz/r2c CVPR 2019

While this task is easy for humans, it is tremendously difficult for today's vision systems, requiring higher-order cognition and commonsense reasoning about the world.

Flamingo: a Visual Language Model for Few-Shot Learning

mlfoundations/open_flamingo DeepMind 2022

Building models that can be rapidly adapted to novel tasks using only a handful of annotated examples is an open challenge for multimodal machine learning research.

Revisiting Visual Question Answering Baselines

Cold-Winter/vqs 27 Jun 2016

Visual question answering (VQA) is an interesting learning setting for evaluating the abilities and shortcomings of current systems for image understanding.

Learning to Attend On Essential Terms: An Enhanced Retriever-Reader Model for Open-domain Question Answering

nijianmo/arc-etrr-code NAACL 2019

In this paper we propose a retriever-reader model that learns to attend on essential terms during the question answering process.

CommonsenseQA: A Question Answering Challenge Targeting Commonsense Knowledge

jonathanherzig/commonsenseqa NAACL 2019

To investigate question answering with prior knowledge, we present CommonsenseQA: a challenging new dataset for commonsense question answering.

What Disease does this Patient Have? A Large-scale Open Domain Question Answering Dataset from Medical Exams

jind11/MedQA 28 Sep 2020

Open domain question answering (OpenQA) tasks have been recently attracting more and more attention from the natural language processing (NLP) community.

GPT Takes the Bar Exam

mjbommar/gpt-takes-the-bar-exam 29 Dec 2022

Nearly all jurisdictions in the United States require a professional license exam, commonly referred to as "the Bar Exam," as a precondition for law practice.

Steering Llama 2 via Contrastive Activation Addition

nrimsky/caa 9 Dec 2023

We introduce Contrastive Activation Addition (CAA), an innovative method for steering language models by modifying their activations during forward passes.

Confident Multiple Choice Learning

chhwang/cmcl ICML 2017

Ensemble methods are arguably the most trustworthy techniques for boosting the performance of machine learning models.