Music Auto-Tagging

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Most implemented papers

Evaluation of CNN-based Automatic Music Tagging Models

minzwon/sota-music-tagging-models 1 Jun 2020

Recent advances in deep learning accelerated the development of content-based automatic music tagging systems.

Sample-level Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Music Auto-tagging Using Raw Waveforms

kyungyunlee/sampleCNN-pytorch 6 Mar 2017

Recently, the end-to-end approach that learns hierarchical representations from raw data using deep convolutional neural networks has been successfully explored in the image, text and speech domains.

Sample-level CNN Architectures for Music Auto-tagging Using Raw Waveforms

tae-jun/resemul 28 Oct 2017

Recent work has shown that the end-to-end approach using convolutional neural network (CNN) is effective in various types of machine learning tasks.

Deep Learning Based EDM Subgenre Classification using Mel-Spectrogram and Tempogram Features

mir-aidj/edm-subgenre-classifier 17 Oct 2021

Along with the evolution of music technology, a large number of styles, or "subgenres," of Electronic Dance Music(EDM) have emerged in recent years.

Pre-training Music Classification Models via Music Source Separation

cgaroufis/msspt 24 Oct 2023

In this paper, we study whether music source separation can be used as a pre-training strategy for music representation learning, targeted at music classification tasks.

A Deep Bag-of-Features Model for Music Auto-Tagging

juhannam/deepbof 20 Aug 2015

Feature learning and deep learning have drawn great attention in recent years as a way of transforming input data into more effective representations using learning algorithms.

Multi-Level and Multi-Scale Feature Aggregation Using Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks for Music Auto-tagging

jongpillee/music_dataset_split 6 Mar 2017

Second, we extract audio features from each layer of the pre-trained convolutional networks separately and aggregate them altogether given a long audio clip.

Deep Content-User Embedding Model for Music Recommendation

jongpillee/deep-content-user 18 Jul 2018

Recently deep learning based recommendation systems have been actively explored to solve the cold-start problem using a hybrid approach.

TräumerAI: Dreaming Music with StyleGAN

jdasam/traeumerAI 9 Feb 2021

The goal of this paper to generate a visually appealing video that responds to music with a neural network so that each frame of the video reflects the musical characteristics of the corresponding audio clip.

Contrastive Learning of Musical Representations

spijkervet/CLMR 17 Mar 2021

A linear classifier trained on the proposed representations achieves a higher average precision than supervised models on the MagnaTagATune dataset, and performs comparably on the Million Song dataset.