Music Genre Recognition

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Recognizing the genre (e.g. rock, pop, jazz, etc.) of a piece of music.


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Learning to Recognize Musical Genre from Audio

mdeff/fma 13 Mar 2018

We here summarize our experience running a challenge with open data for musical genre recognition.

Music Genre Recognition

Learning Discrete Structures for Graph Neural Networks

lucfra/LDS-GNN 28 Mar 2019

With this work, we propose to jointly learn the graph structure and the parameters of graph convolutional networks (GCNs) by approximately solving a bilevel program that learns a discrete probability distribution on the edges of the graph.

Music Genre Recognition Node Classification

Bottom-up Broadcast Neural Network For Music Genre Classification

CaifengLiu/music-genre-classification 24 Jan 2019

Music genre recognition based on visual representation has been successfully explored over the last years.

Classification Decision Making +3

Client-driven Animated GIF Generation Framework Using an Acoustic Feature

iamgmujtaba/gif-acoustic 12 Feb 2021

The proposed method retrieves and uses the audio file and video segment so that communication and storage efficiencies are improved in the GIF generation process.

Animated GIF Generation Music Genre Recognition

Machine learning and chord based feature engineering for genre prediction in popular Brazilian music

brunaw/genre_classification 8 Feb 2019

We found that features extracted from harmonic elements can satisfactorily predict music genre for the Brazilian case, as well as features obtained from the Spotify API.

Feature Engineering Machine Learning +1