Natural Language Inference (Zero-Shot)

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Most implemented papers

PanGu-$α$: Large-scale Autoregressive Pretrained Chinese Language Models with Auto-parallel Computation

mindspore-ai/models 26 Apr 2021

To enhance the generalization ability of PanGu-$\alpha$, we collect 1. 1TB high-quality Chinese data from a wide range of domains to pretrain the model.

The CoT Collection: Improving Zero-shot and Few-shot Learning of Language Models via Chain-of-Thought Fine-Tuning

kaistai/cot-collection 23 May 2023

Furthermore, we show that instruction tuning with CoT Collection allows LMs to possess stronger few-shot learning capabilities on 4 domain-specific tasks, resulting in an improvement of +2. 24% (Flan-T5 3B) and +2. 37% (Flan-T5 11B), even outperforming ChatGPT utilizing demonstrations until the max length by a +13. 98% margin.