Numerical Integration

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Numerical integration is the task to calculate the numerical value of a definite integral or the numerical solution of differential equations.


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Learning Nonparametric Volterra Kernels with Gaussian Processes

10 Jun 2021

When the input function to the operator is unobserved and has a GP prior, the NVKM constitutes a powerful method for both single and multiple output regression, and can be viewed as a nonlinear and nonparametric latent force model.

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Power System Transient Modeling and Simulation using Integrated Circuit

6 Jun 2021

Transient stability analysis (TSA) plays an important role in power system analysis to investigate the stability of power system.

Numerical Integration

MAGI-X: Manifold-Constrained Gaussian Process Inference for Unknown System Dynamics

27 May 2021

Ordinary differential equations (ODEs), commonly used to characterize the dynamic systems, are difficult to propose in closed-form for many complicated scientific applications, even with the help of domain expert.

Numerical Integration

Least-Squares ReLU Neural Network (LSNN) Method For Scalar Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Law

25 May 2021

We introduced the least-squares ReLU neural network (LSNN) method for solving the linear advection-reaction problem with discontinuous solution and showed that the method outperforms mesh-based numerical methods in terms of the number of degrees of freedom.

Numerical Integration

Discovery of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems using a Runge-Kutta Inspired Dictionary-based Sparse Regression Approach

11 May 2021

Discovering dynamical models to describe underlying dynamical behavior is essential to draw decisive conclusions and engineering studies, e. g., optimizing a process.

Dictionary Learning Numerical Integration

Normal Tempered Stable Processes and the Pricing of Energy Derivatives

7 May 2021

In this study we consider the pricing of energy derivatives when the evolution of spot prices is modeled with a normal tempered stable driven Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process.

Gaussian Processes Numerical Integration

The mixed deep energy method for resolving concentration features in finite strain hyperelasticity

15 Apr 2021

However both DEM and classical PINN formulations struggle to resolve fine features of the stress and displacement fields, for example concentration features in solid mechanics applications.

Numerical Integration

BoXHED 2.0: Scalable boosting of functional data in survival analysis

23 Mar 2021

We use this to develop BoXHED 2. 0, a quantum leap over the tree-boosted hazard package BoXHED 1. 0.

Numerical Integration Survival Analysis

Data-driven Prediction of General Hamiltonian Dynamics via Learning Exactly-Symplectic Maps

9 Mar 2021

For this special case, both generic approaches based on learning the vector field of the latent ODE and specialized approaches based on learning the Hamiltonian that generates the vector field exist.

Numerical Integration Time Series

Revisiting the Role of Euler Numerical Integration on Acceleration and Stability in Convex Optimization

23 Feb 2021

Viewing optimization methods as numerical integrators for ordinary differential equations (ODEs) provides a thought-provoking modern framework for studying accelerated first-order optimizers.

Numerical Integration