Organ Detection

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Most implemented papers

Detection and Annotation of Plant Organs from Digitized Herbarium Scans using Deep Learning

2younis/plant-organ-detection 26 Jul 2020

As herbarium specimens are increasingly becoming digitized and accessible in online repositories, advanced computer vision techniques are being used to extract information from them.

A generic ensemble based deep convolutional neural network for semi-supervised medical image segmentation

ruizhe-l/semi-segmentation 16 Apr 2020

To address this problem, we propose a generic semi-supervised learning framework for image segmentation based on a deep convolutional neural network (DCNN).

Fine-Grained Visual Classification of Plant Species In The Wild: Object Detection as A Reinforced Means of Attention

wvuvl/DARMA 3 Jun 2021

Plant species identification in the wild is a difficult problem in part due to the high variability of the input data, but also because of complications induced by the long-tail effects of the datasets distribution.