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PLOP: Learning without Forgetting for Continual Semantic Segmentation

arthurdouillard/CVPR2021_PLOP CVPR 2021

classes predicted by the old model to deal with background shift and avoid catastrophic forgetting of the old classes.

Representation Compensation Networks for Continual Semantic Segmentation

zhangchbin/rcil CVPR 2022

In this work, we study the continual semantic segmentation problem, where the deep neural networks are required to incorporate new classes continually without catastrophic forgetting.

SATS: Self-Attention Transfer for Continual Semantic Segmentation

QIU023/SATS_Continual_Semantic_Seg 15 Mar 2022

Considering that pixels belonging to the same class in each image often share similar visual properties, a class-specific region pooling is applied to provide more efficient relationship information for knowledge transfer.

Attribution-aware Weight Transfer: A Warm-Start Initialization for Class-Incremental Semantic Segmentation

dfki-av/awt-for-ciss 13 Oct 2022

In class-incremental semantic segmentation (CISS), deep learning architectures suffer from the critical problems of catastrophic forgetting and semantic background shift.