Parameter Prediction

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Most implemented papers

Diet Networks: Thin Parameters for Fat Genomics

adri-romsor/DietNetworks 28 Nov 2016

It is based on the idea that we can first learn or provide a distributed representation for each input feature (e. g. for each position in the genome where variations are observed), and then learn (with another neural network called the parameter prediction network) how to map a feature's distributed representation to the vector of parameters specific to that feature in the classifier neural network (the weights which link the value of the feature to each of the hidden units).

Image Question Answering using Convolutional Neural Network with Dynamic Parameter Prediction

HyeonwooNoh/DPPnet CVPR 2016

We tackle image question answering (ImageQA) problem by learning a convolutional neural network (CNN) with a dynamic parameter layer whose weights are determined adaptively based on questions.

Decision Trees for Decision-Making under the Predict-then-Optimize Framework

rtm2130/SPOTree ICML 2020

We consider the use of decision trees for decision-making problems under the predict-then-optimize framework.

Parameter Prediction for Unseen Deep Architectures

facebookresearch/ppuda NeurIPS 2021

We introduce a large-scale dataset of diverse computational graphs of neural architectures - DeepNets-1M - and use it to explore parameter prediction on CIFAR-10 and ImageNet.