Point Set Upsampling

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Most implemented papers

Patch-based Progressive 3D Point Set Upsampling

yifita/3PU_pytorch CVPR 2019

We present a detail-driven deep neural network for point set upsampling.

CAD-PU: A Curvature-Adaptive Deep Learning Solution for Point Set Upsampling

JiehongLin/CAD-PU 10 Sep 2020

Point set is arguably the most direct approximation of an object or scene surface, yet its practical acquisition often suffers from the shortcoming of being noisy, sparse, and possibly incomplete, which restricts its use for a high-quality surface recovery.

ASUR3D: Arbitrary Scale Upsampling and Refinement of 3D Point Clouds using Local Occupancy Fields

Akash-Kumbar/ASUR3D IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW) 2023

Our proposed implicit occupancy representation enables efficient point classification, effectively discerning points belonging to the surface from non-surface points.