Portrait Segmentation

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Most implemented papers

SINet: Extreme Lightweight Portrait Segmentation Networks with Spatial Squeeze Modules and Information Blocking Decoder

clovaai/c3_sinet 20 Nov 2019

To solve the first problem, we introduce the new extremely lightweight portrait segmentation model SINet, containing an information blocking decoder and spatial squeeze modules.

ExtremeC3Net: Extreme Lightweight Portrait Segmentation Networks using Advanced C3-modules

HYOJINPARK/ExtPortraitSeg 8 Aug 2019

In our qualitative and quantitative analysis on the EG1800 dataset, we show that our method outperforms various existing lightweight segmentation models.

Boundary-Aware Network for Fast and High-Accuracy Portrait Segmentation

lewisluk/BoundaryAwareNetwork 12 Jan 2019

Compared with other semantic segmentation tasks, portrait segmentation requires both higher precision and faster inference speed.

PP-HumanSeg: Connectivity-Aware Portrait Segmentation with a Large-Scale Teleconferencing Video Dataset

PaddlePaddle/PaddleSeg 14 Dec 2021

This work is the first to construct a large-scale video portrait dataset that contains 291 videos from 23 conference scenes with 14K fine-labeled frames and extensions to multi-camera teleconferencing.

Portrait Segmentation Using Deep Learning

sumedhvdatar/PortraitSegmentation 6 Feb 2022

A portrait is a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.

EasyPortrait -- Face Parsing and Portrait Segmentation Dataset

hukenovs/easyportrait 26 Apr 2023

Limited variability in existing portrait segmentation and face parsing datasets, including head poses, ethnicity, scenes, and occlusions specific to video conferencing, motivated us to create a new dataset, EasyPortrait, for these tasks simultaneously.