Predictive Process Monitoring

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A branch of predictive analysis that attempts to predict some future state of a business process.


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How do I update my model? On the resilience of Predictive Process Monitoring models to change

no code yet • 8 Sep 2021

Existing well investigated Predictive Process Monitoring techniques typically construct a predictive model based on past process executions, and then use it to predict the future of new ongoing cases, without the possibility of updating it with new cases when they complete their execution.

Incremental Learning Predictive Process Monitoring

Creating Unbiased Public Benchmark Datasets with Data Leakage Prevention for Predictive Process Monitoring

no code yet • 5 Jul 2021

Often the training and test sets are not completely separated, a data leakage problem particular to predictive process monitoring.

Predictive Process Monitoring

Predictive Process Model Monitoring using Recurrent Neural Networks

no code yet • 5 Nov 2020

The field of predictive process monitoring focuses on modelling future characteristics of running business process instances, typically by either predicting the outcome of particular objectives (e. g. completion (time), cost), or next-in-sequence prediction (e. g. what is the next activity to execute).

Predictive Process Monitoring Temporal Logic

Local Post-Hoc Explanations for Predictive Process Monitoring in Manufacturing

no code yet • 22 Sep 2020

This study proposes an innovative explainable predictive quality analytics solution to facilitate data-driven decision-making for process planning in manufacturing by combining process mining, machine learning, and explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) methods.

Decision Making Explainable artificial intelligence +1

Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Process Mining: A General Overview and Application of a Novel Local Explanation Approach for Predictive Process Monitoring

no code yet • 4 Sep 2020

Consequently, with regard to the theoretical and practical implications of the framework, this study proposes a novel local post-hoc explanation approach for a deep learning classifier that is expected to facilitate the domain experts in justifying the model decisions.

Decision Making Explainable artificial intelligence +1

Cause vs. Effect in Context-Sensitive Prediction of Business Process Instances

no code yet • 15 Jul 2020

Predicting undesirable events during the execution of a business process instance provides the process participants with an opportunity to intervene and keep the process aligned with its goals.

Predictive Process Monitoring

Incremental Predictive Process Monitoring: How to Deal with the Variability of Real Environments

no code yet • 11 Apr 2018

The results provide a first evidence of the potential of incremental learning strategies for predicting process monitoring in real environments, and of the impact of different case encoding strategies in this setting.

Incremental Learning Predictive Process Monitoring

Predictive Process Monitoring Methods: Which One Suits Me Best?

no code yet • 6 Apr 2018

Predictive process monitoring has recently gained traction in academia and is maturing also in companies.

Predictive Process Monitoring