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Differentially Private Federated Learning: A Client Level Perspective

cyrusgeyer/DiffPrivate_FedLearning ICLR 2019

In such an attack, a client's contribution during training and information about their data set is revealed through analyzing the distributed model.

Privacy-Preserving Deep Action Recognition: An Adversarial Learning Framework and A New Dataset

VITA-Group/PA-HMDB51 12 Jun 2019

We first discuss an innovative heuristic of cross-dataset training and evaluation, enabling the use of multiple single-task datasets (one with target task labels and the other with privacy labels) in our problem.

A generic framework for privacy preserving deep learning

OpenMined/PySyft 9 Nov 2018

We detail a new framework for privacy preserving deep learning and discuss its assets.

Measuring the Effects of Non-Identical Data Distribution for Federated Visual Classification

maxencenoble/Differential-Privacy-for-Heterogeneous-Federated-Learning 13 Sep 2019

In this work, we look at the effect such non-identical data distributions has on visual classification via Federated Learning.

Federated Learning over Wireless Networks: Convergence Analysis and Resource Allocation

CharlieDinh/FEDL 29 Oct 2019

There is an increasing interest in a fast-growing machine learning technique called Federated Learning, in which the model training is distributed over mobile user equipments (UEs), exploiting UEs' local computation and training data.

Towards Robust and Privacy-preserving Text Representations

lrank/Robust_and_Privacy_preserving_Text_Representations ACL 2018

Written text often provides sufficient clues to identify the author, their gender, age, and other important attributes.

Towards Privacy-Preserving Visual Recognition via Adversarial Training: A Pilot Study

VITA-Group/Privacy-AdversarialLearning ECCV 2018

This paper aims to improve privacy-preserving visual recognition, an increasingly demanded feature in smart camera applications, by formulating a unique adversarial training framework.

Partially Encrypted Machine Learning using Functional Encryption

LaRiffle/collateral-learning 24 May 2019

Machine learning on encrypted data has received a lot of attention thanks to recent breakthroughs in homomorphic encryption and secure multi-party computation.

Fedlearn-Algo: A flexible open-source privacy-preserving machine learning platform

fedlearnAI/fedlearn-algo 8 Jul 2021

We use this platform to demonstrate our research and development results on privacy preserving machine learning algorithms.

Differentially Private Releasing via Deep Generative Model (Technical Report)

alps-lab/dpgan 5 Jan 2018

Privacy-preserving releasing of complex data (e. g., image, text, audio) represents a long-standing challenge for the data mining research community.