Product Categorization

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AttentionXML: Label Tree-based Attention-Aware Deep Model for High-Performance Extreme Multi-Label Text Classification

yourh/AttentionXML NeurIPS 2019

We propose a new label tree-based deep learning model for XMTC, called AttentionXML, with two unique features: 1) a multi-label attention mechanism with raw text as input, which allows to capture the most relevant part of text to each label; and 2) a shallow and wide probabilistic label tree (PLT), which allows to handle millions of labels, especially for "tail labels".

General Classification Multi-Label Text Classification +3

Taming Pretrained Transformers for Extreme Multi-label Text Classification

OctoberChang/X-Transformer 7 May 2019

However, naively applying deep transformer models to the XMC problem leads to sub-optimal performance due to the large output space and the label sparsity issue.

Extreme Multi-Label Classification General Classification +4

Atlas: A Dataset and Benchmark for E-commerce Clothing Product Categorization

vumaasha/atlas 12 Aug 2019

In E-commerce, it is a common practice to organize the product catalog using product taxonomy.

General Classification Image Classification +1