Punctuation Restoration

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Punctuation Restoration

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Automatic punctuation restoration with BERT models

attilanagy234/neural-punctuator 18 Jan 2021

We present an approach for automatic punctuation restoration with BERT models for English and Hungarian.

PunKtuator: A Multilingual Punctuation Restoration System for Spoken and Written Text

VarnithChordia/Multlingual_Punctuation_restoration EACL 2021

Text transcripts without punctuation or sentence boundaries are hard to comprehend for both humans and machines.

Incorporating External POS Tagger for Punctuation Restoration

ShiningLab/POS-Tagger-for-Punctuation-Restoration 12 Jun 2021

Punctuation restoration is an important post-processing step in automatic speech recognition.

Token-Level Supervised Contrastive Learning for Punctuation Restoration

hqsiswiliam/punctuation-restoration-scl 19 Jul 2021

Punctuation is critical in understanding natural language text.

BARTpho: Pre-trained Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Vietnamese

vinairesearch/bartpho 20 Sep 2021

We present BARTpho with two versions, BARTpho-syllable and BARTpho-word, which are the first public large-scale monolingual sequence-to-sequence models pre-trained for Vietnamese.

Unified Multimodal Punctuation Restoration Framework for Mixed-Modality Corpus

yaoming95/unipunc 24 Jan 2022

The punctuation restoration task aims to correctly punctuate the output transcriptions of automatic speech recognition systems.

A Context-Aware Feature Fusion Framework for Punctuation Restoration

young1993/ffa 23 Mar 2022

To accomplish the punctuation restoration task, most existing approaches focused on leveraging extra information (e. g., part-of-speech tags) or addressing the class imbalance problem.

Vakyansh: ASR Toolkit for Low Resource Indic languages

Open-Speech-EkStep/vakyansh-models 30 Mar 2022

We present Vakyansh, an end to end toolkit for Speech Recognition in Indic languages.

indic-punct: An automatic punctuation restoration and inverse text normalization framework for Indic languages

open-speech-ekstep/indic-punct 31 Mar 2022

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) generates text which is most of the times devoid of any punctuation.