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Open-Domain Question Answering Goes Conversational via Question Rewriting

apple/ml-qrecc NAACL 2021

We introduce a new dataset for Question Rewriting in Conversational Context (QReCC), which contains 14K conversations with 80K question-answer pairs.

Ditch the Gold Standard: Re-evaluating Conversational Question Answering

princeton-nlp/evalconvqa ACL 2022

In this work, we conduct the first large-scale human evaluation of state-of-the-art conversational QA systems, where human evaluators converse with models and judge the correctness of their answers.

How to Ask Better Questions? A Large-Scale Multi-Domain Dataset for Rewriting Ill-Formed Questions

ZeweiChu/MQR 21 Nov 2019

We present a large-scale dataset for the task of rewriting an ill-formed natural language question to a well-formed one.

Tell Me How to Ask Again: Question Data Augmentation with Controllable Rewriting in Continuous Space

dayihengliu/CRQDA EMNLP 2020

In this paper, we propose a novel data augmentation method, referred to as Controllable Rewriting based Question Data Augmentation (CRQDA), for machine reading comprehension (MRC), question generation, and question-answering natural language inference tasks.

A Wrong Answer or a Wrong Question? An Intricate Relationship between Question Reformulation and Answer Selection in Conversational Question Answering

svakulenk0/QRQA EMNLP (scai) 2020

The dependency between an adequate question formulation and correct answer selection is a very intriguing but still underexplored area.

A Comparison of Question Rewriting Methods for Conversational Passage Retrieval

svakulenk0/cast_evaluation 19 Jan 2021

Conversational passage retrieval relies on question rewriting to modify the original question so that it no longer depends on the conversation history.

Learn to Resolve Conversational Dependency: A Consistency Training Framework for Conversational Question Answering

dmis-lab/excord ACL 2021

One of the main challenges in conversational question answering (CQA) is to resolve the conversational dependency, such as anaphora and ellipsis.

Question rewriting? Assessing its importance for conversational question answering

gonced8/rachael-scai 22 Jan 2022

In conversational question answering, systems must correctly interpret the interconnected interactions and generate knowledgeable answers, which may require the retrieval of relevant information from a background repository.

Can Question Rewriting Help Conversational Question Answering?

hltchkust/cqr4cqa insights (ACL) 2022

Question rewriting (QR) is a subtask of conversational question answering (CQA) aiming to ease the challenges of understanding dependencies among dialogue history by reformulating questions in a self-contained form.

Improving Complex Knowledge Base Question Answering via Question-to-Action and Question-to-Question Alignment

tttttttty/alcqa 26 Dec 2022

Complex knowledge base question answering can be achieved by converting questions into sequences of predefined actions.