Raw reconstruction

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Reconstruct RAW camera sensor readings from the corresponding sRGB images

Most implemented papers

Model-Based Image Signal Processors via Learnable Dictionaries

mv-lab/AISP 10 Jan 2022

Digital cameras transform sensor RAW readings into RGB images by means of their Image Signal Processor (ISP).

Learning sRGB-to-Raw-RGB De-rendering with Content-Aware Metadata

samsunglabs/content-aware-metadata CVPR 2022

Our experiments show that our learned sampling can adapt to the image content to produce better raw reconstructions than existing methods.

Reversed Image Signal Processing and RAW Reconstruction. AIM 2022 Challenge Report

mv-lab/AISP 20 Oct 2022

Cameras capture sensor RAW images and transform them into pleasant RGB images, suitable for the human eyes, using their integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP).