Real-World Adversarial Attack

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Adversarial attacks that are presented in the real world

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AdvHat: Real-world adversarial attack on ArcFace Face ID system

papermsucode/advhat 23 Aug 2019

In this paper we propose a novel easily reproducible technique to attack the best public Face ID system ArcFace in different shooting conditions.

Real-world adversarial attack on MTCNN face detection system

edosedgar/mtcnnattack 14 Oct 2019

Recent studies proved that deep learning approaches achieve remarkable results on face detection task.

Taking Over the Stock Market: Adversarial Perturbations Against Algorithmic Traders

nehemya/Algo-Trade-Adversarial-Examples 19 Oct 2020

In this study, we present a realistic scenario in which an attacker influences algorithmic trading systems by using adversarial learning techniques to manipulate the input data stream in real time.

Enhancing Real-World Adversarial Patches through 3D Modeling of Complex Target Scenes

yaliMa/Adversarial-Patch-3D 10 Feb 2021

We use the framework to create a patch for an everyday scene and evaluate its performance using a novel evaluation process that ensures that our results are reproducible in both the digital space and the real world.

Attack on practical speaker verification system using universal adversarial perturbations

zhang-wy15/Attack_practical_asv 19 May 2021

In authentication scenarios, applications of practical speaker verification systems usually require a person to read a dynamic authentication text.