Real-World Adversarial Attack

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Adversarial attacks that are presented in the real world

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AdvHat: Real-world adversarial attack on ArcFace Face ID system

papermsucode/advhat 23 Aug 2019

In this paper we propose a novel easily reproducible technique to attack the best public Face ID system ArcFace in different shooting conditions.

Real-world adversarial attack on MTCNN face detection system

edosedgar/mtcnnattack 14 Oct 2019

Recent studies proved that deep learning approaches achieve remarkable results on face detection task.

Taking Over the Stock Market: Adversarial Perturbations Against Algorithmic Traders

nehemya/Algo-Trade-Adversarial-Examples 19 Oct 2020

In this study, we present a realistic scenario in which an attacker influences algorithmic trading systems by using adversarial learning techniques to manipulate the input data stream in real time.

Enhancing Real-World Adversarial Patches through 3D Modeling of Complex Target Scenes

yaliMa/Adversarial-Patch-3D 10 Feb 2021

We use the framework to create a patch for an everyday scene and evaluate its performance using a novel evaluation process that ensures that our results are reproducible in both the digital space and the real world.

Attack on practical speaker verification system using universal adversarial perturbations

zhang-wy15/Attack_practical_asv 19 May 2021

In authentication scenarios, applications of practical speaker verification systems usually require a person to read a dynamic authentication text.

Adversarial Mask: Real-World Universal Adversarial Attack on Face Recognition Model

alonzolfi/adversarialmask 21 Nov 2021

In our experiments, we examined the transferability of our adversarial mask to a wide range of FR model architectures and datasets.

Segment and Complete: Defending Object Detectors against Adversarial Patch Attacks with Robust Patch Detection

joellliu/segmentandcomplete CVPR 2022

In addition, we design a robust shape completion algorithm, which is guaranteed to remove the entire patch from the images if the outputs of the patch segmenter are within a certain Hamming distance of the ground-truth patch masks.

Ignore Previous Prompt: Attack Techniques For Language Models

agencyenterprise/promptinject 17 Nov 2022

Transformer-based large language models (LLMs) provide a powerful foundation for natural language tasks in large-scale customer-facing applications.

Simultaneously Optimizing Perturbations and Positions for Black-box Adversarial Patch Attacks

shighghyujie/newpatch-rl 26 Dec 2022

Extensive experiments are conducted on the Face Recognition (FR) task, and results on four representative FR models show that our method can significantly improve the attack success rate and query efficiency.

Kidnapping Deep Learning-based Multirotors using Optimized Flying Adversarial Patches

imrclab/flying_adversarial_patch 1 Aug 2023

We introduce flying adversarial patches, where multiple images are mounted on at least one other flying robot and therefore can be placed anywhere in the field of view of a victim multirotor.