Recipe Generation

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Most implemented papers

Inverse Cooking: Recipe Generation from Food Images

facebookresearch/inversecooking CVPR 2019

Our system predicts ingredients as sets by means of a novel architecture, modeling their dependencies without imposing any order, and then generates cooking instructions by attending to both image and its inferred ingredients simultaneously.

Building Language Models for Text with Named Entities

uclanlp/NamedEntityLanguageModel ACL 2018

Text in many domains involves a significant amount of named entities.

Generating Personalized Recipes from Historical User Preferences

majumderb/recipe-personalization IJCNLP 2019

Existing approaches to recipe generation are unable to create recipes for users with culinary preferences but incomplete knowledge of ingredients in specific dishes.

RecipeGPT: Generative Pre-training Based Cooking Recipe Generation and Evaluation System

LARC-CMU-SMU/RecipeGPT-exp 5 Mar 2020

Interests in the automatic generation of cooking recipes have been growing steadily over the past few years thanks to a large amount of online cooking recipes.

Structure-Aware Generation Network for Recipe Generation from Images

hwang1996/SGN ECCV 2020

We investigate an open research task of generating cooking instructions based on only food images and ingredients, which is similar to the image captioning task.

RecipeNLG: A Cooking Recipes Dataset for Semi-Structured Text Generation

Glorf/recipenlg 15 Dec 2020

We use the dataset to approach the problem of generating recipes.

SHARE: a System for Hierarchical Assistive Recipe Editing

shuyangli94/share-recipe-editing 17 May 2021

The large population of home cooks with dietary restrictions is under-served by existing cooking resources and recipe generation models.

Counterfactual Recipe Generation: Exploring Compositional Generalization in a Realistic Scenario

xxxiaol/counterfactual-recipe-generation 20 Oct 2022

Although pretrained language models can generate fluent recipe texts, they fail to truly learn and use the culinary knowledge in a compositional way.

Learning to Substitute Ingredients in Recipes

facebookresearch/gismo 15 Feb 2023

Recipe personalization through ingredient substitution has the potential to help people meet their dietary needs and preferences, avoid potential allergens, and ease culinary exploration in everyone's kitchen.

LongForm: Optimizing Instruction Tuning for Long Text Generation with Corpus Extraction

akoksal/longform 17 Apr 2023

Our models outperform 10x larger language models without instruction tuning on various tasks such as story/recipe generation and long-form question answering.