Reflection Removal

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Most implemented papers

Single Image Reflection Removal Using Deep Encoder-Decoder Network

LastReLU/Reflection-Separation 31 Jan 2018

Image of a scene captured through a piece of transparent and reflective material, such as glass, is often spoiled by a superimposed layer of reflection image.

Single Image Reflection Separation with Perceptual Losses

ceciliavision/perceptual-reflection-removal CVPR 2018

Our loss function includes two perceptual losses: a feature loss from a visual perception network, and an adversarial loss that encodes characteristics of images in the transmission layers.

Single Image Reflection Removal through Cascaded Refinement


IBCLN is a cascaded network that iteratively refines the estimates of transmission and reflection layers in a manner that they can boost the prediction quality to each other, and information across steps of the cascade is transferred using an LSTM.

A Generic Deep Architecture for Single Image Reflection Removal and Image Smoothing

fqnchina/CEILNet ICCV 2017

This paper proposes a deep neural network structure that exploits edge information in addressing representative low-level vision tasks such as layer separation and image filtering.

CRRN: Multi-Scale Guided Concurrent Reflection Removal Network

He-jerry/CRRN CVPR 2018

Removing the undesired reflections from images taken through the glass is of broad application to various computer vision tasks.

Fourier-Domain Optimization for Image Processing

duembgen/fourier-deconv 11 Sep 2018

Image optimization problems encompass many applications such as spectral fusion, deblurring, deconvolution, dehazing, matting, reflection removal and image interpolation, among others.

Single Image Reflection Removal Exploiting Misaligned Training Data and Network Enhancements

Vandermode/ERRNet CVPR 2019

Removing undesirable reflections from a single image captured through a glass window is of practical importance to visual computing systems.

Single Image Reflection Removal with Physically-Based Training Images

sookim813/Reflection_removal_rendering CVPR 2020

Recently, deep learning-based single image reflection separation methods have been exploited widely.

Semantic Guided Single Image Reflection Removal

DreamtaleCore/SGRRN 27 Jul 2019

Reflection is common in images capturing scenes behind a glass window, which is not only a disturbance visually but also influence the performance of other computer vision algorithms.