Safe Reinforcement Learning

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Safe Learning in Robotics: From Learning-Based Control to Safe Reinforcement Learning

utiasDSL/safe-control-gym 13 Aug 2021

The last half-decade has seen a steep rise in the number of contributions on safe learning methods for real-world robotic deployments from both the control and reinforcement learning communities.

Decision Making Safe Reinforcement Learning

End-to-End Safe Reinforcement Learning through Barrier Functions for Safety-Critical Continuous Control Tasks

rcheng805/RL-CBF 21 Mar 2019

Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithms have found limited success beyond simulated applications, and one main reason is the absence of safety guarantees during the learning process.

Continuous Control Gaussian Processes +1

Data-Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Probabilistic Model Predictive Control

SimonRennotte/Data-Efficient-Reinforcement-Learning-with-Probabilistic-Model-Predictive-Control 20 Jun 2017

Trial-and-error based reinforcement learning (RL) has seen rapid advancements in recent times, especially with the advent of deep neural networks.

Gaussian Processes Safe Reinforcement Learning

Constrained Model-based Reinforcement Learning with Robust Cross-Entropy Method

liuzuxin/safe-mbrl 15 Oct 2020

We propose a model-based approach to enable RL agents to effectively explore the environment with unknown system dynamics and environment constraints given a significantly small number of violation budgets.

Model-based Reinforcement Learning Safe Reinforcement Learning

Safe Reinforcement Learning in Constrained Markov Decision Processes

akifumi-wachi-4/safe_near_optimal_mdp ICML 2020

Safe reinforcement learning has been a promising approach for optimizing the policy of an agent that operates in safety-critical applications.

Safe Reinforcement Learning

Trial without Error: Towards Safe Reinforcement Learning via Human Intervention

gsastry/human-rl 17 Jul 2017

We formalize human intervention for RL and show how to reduce the human labor required by training a supervised learner to imitate the human's intervention decisions.

Atari Games Safe Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning for Temporal Logic Control Synthesis with Probabilistic Satisfaction Guarantees

grockious/lcrl 11 Sep 2019

Reinforcement Learning (RL) has emerged as an efficient method of choice for solving complex sequential decision making problems in automatic control, computer science, economics, and biology.

Decision Making Decision Making Under Uncertainty +3

Certified Reinforcement Learning with Logic Guidance

grockious/lcrl 2 Feb 2019

This probability (certificate) is also calculated in parallel with policy learning when the state space of the MDP is finite: as such, the RL algorithm produces a policy that is certified with respect to the property.

Decision Making Decision Making Under Uncertainty +3

Logically-Constrained Reinforcement Learning

grockious/lcrl 24 Jan 2018

With this reward function, the policy synthesis procedure is "constrained" by the given specification.

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