Sar Image Despeckling

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SAR Image Despeckling Using a Convolutional Neural Network

XwK-P/ID-CNN 2 Jun 2017

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images are often contaminated by a multiplicative noise known as speckle.

Sar Image Despeckling

Learning a Dilated Residual Network for SAR Image Despeckling

qzhang95/SAR-DRN 9 Sep 2017

In this paper, to break the limit of the traditional linear models for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image despeckling, we propose a novel deep learning approach by learning a non-linear end-to-end mapping between the noisy and clean SAR images with a dilated residual network (SAR-DRN).

Sar Image Despeckling

Guided patch-wise nonlocal SAR despeckling

grip-unina/GNLM 28 Nov 2018

We propose a new method for SAR image despeckling which leverages information drawn from co-registered optical imagery.

Sar Image Despeckling