Satellite Image Classification

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Discriminative Learning of Deep Convolutional Feature Point Descriptors

etrulls/deepdesc-release ICCV 2015

Deep learning has revolutionalized image-level tasks such as classification, but patch-level tasks, such as correspondence, still rely on hand-crafted features, e. g. SIFT.

Satellite Image Classification

Generative Adversarial Minority Oversampling for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification

mhaut/3D-HyperGAMO 1 Feb 2021

A different classifier from the generator and the discriminator is used in the 3D-HyperGAMO model, which is trained using both original and generated samples to {determine} the classes of newly generated samples to which they actually belong.

Classification General Classification +2

An Open-source Tool for Hyperspectral Image Augmentation in Tensorflow

mabdelhack/hyperspectral_image_generator 30 Mar 2020

Tensorflow tool allows for rapid prototyping and testing of deep learning models, however, its built-in image generator is designed to handle a maximum of four spectral channels.

General Classification Image Augmentation +2

DeepSat - A Learning framework for Satellite Imagery

debanjanxy/GNR-652 11 Sep 2015

Satellite image classification is a challenging problem that lies at the crossroads of remote sensing, computer vision, and machine learning.

Classification Denoising +4