Scene Graph Detection

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Most implemented papers

Energy-Based Learning for Scene Graph Generation

mods333/energy-based-scene-graph CVPR 2021

The proposed formulation allows for efficiently incorporating the structure of scene graphs in the output space.

Recovering the Unbiased Scene Graphs from the Biased Ones

coldmanck/recovering-unbiased-scene-graphs 5 Jul 2021

Given input images, scene graph generation (SGG) aims to produce comprehensive, graphical representations describing visual relationships among salient objects.

Exploiting Long-Term Dependencies for Generating Dynamic Scene Graphs

shengyu-feng/dsg-detr 18 Dec 2021

Dynamic scene graph generation from a video is challenging due to the temporal dynamics of the scene and the inherent temporal fluctuations of predictions.

Fine-Grained Scene Graph Generation with Data Transfer

waxnkw/ietrans-sgg.pytorch 22 Mar 2022

Scene graph generation (SGG) is designed to extract (subject, predicate, object) triplets in images.