Scene Text Editing

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Most implemented papers

Editing Text in the Wild

youdao-ai/SRNet 8 Aug 2019

Specifically, we propose an end-to-end trainable style retention network (SRNet) that consists of three modules: text conversion module, background inpainting module and fusion module.

STEFANN: Scene Text Editor using Font Adaptive Neural Network

prasunroy/stefann CVPR 2020

In this paper, we propose a method to modify text in an image at character-level.

Exploring Stroke-Level Modifications for Scene Text Editing

qqqyd/mostel 5 Dec 2022

Moreover, two new datasets (Tamper-Syn2k and Tamper-Scene) are proposed to fill the blank of public evaluation datasets.

Improving Diffusion Models for Scene Text Editing with Dual Encoders

ucsb-nlp-chang/diffste 12 Apr 2023

Scene text editing is a challenging task that involves modifying or inserting specified texts in an image while maintaining its natural and realistic appearance.