Semi-Supervised Text Classification

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Semi-Supervised Text Classification with Balanced Deep Representation Distributions

no code yet • ACL 2021

They initialize the deep classifier by training over labeled texts; and then alternatively predict unlabeled texts as their pseudo-labels and train the deep classifier over the mixture of labeled and pseudo-labeled texts.

Classification Semi Supervised Text Classification +1

A Semi-supervised Multi-task Learning Approach to Classify Customer Contact Intents

no code yet • 10 Jun 2021

We improve the performance significantly by evolving the model from multiclass classification to semi-supervised multi-task learning by leveraging the negative cases, domain- and task-adaptively pretrained ALBERT on customer contact texts, and a number of un-curated data with no labels.

Classification Multi-Task Learning +2

Inductive Topic Variational Graph Auto-Encoder for Text Classification

no code yet • NAACL 2021

T-VGAE inherits the interpretability of the topic model and the efficient information propagation mechanism of VGAE.

Classification Representation Learning +2

Consistency Training with Virtual Adversarial Discrete Perturbation

no code yet • 15 Apr 2021

We propose an effective consistency training framework that enforces a training model's predictions given original and perturbed inputs to be similar by adding a discrete noise that would incur the highest divergence between predictions.

Semi Supervised Text Classification Semi-Supervised Text Classification

Interpretable Operational Risk Classification with Semi-Supervised Variational Autoencoder

no code yet • ACL 2020

To tackle these challenges, we present a semi-supervised text classification framework that integrates multi-head attention mechanism with Semi-supervised variational inference for Operational Risk Classification (SemiORC).

Classification General Classification +3

Variational Autoencoders for Semi-supervised Text Classification

no code yet • 8 Mar 2016

Although semi-supervised variational autoencoder (SemiVAE) works in image classification task, it fails in text classification task if using vanilla LSTM as its decoder.

Classification General Classification +3