Sensor Fusion

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Sensor Fusion is the broad category of combining various on-board sensors to produce better measurement estimates. These sensors are combined to compliment each other and overcome individual shortcomings.

Source: Real Time Dense Depth Estimation by Fusing Stereo with Sparse Depth Measurements

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Online Temporal Calibration for Monocular Visual-Inertial Systems

HKUST-Aerial-Robotics/VINS-Mono 2 Aug 2018

Visual and inertial fusion is a popular technology for 6-DOF state estimation in recent years.

Autonomous Driving Robot Navigation +2

A General Optimization-based Framework for Global Pose Estimation with Multiple Sensors

HKUST-Aerial-Robotics/VINS-Fusion 11 Jan 2019

We highlight that our system is a general framework, which can easily fuse various global sensors in a unified pose graph optimization.

Pose Estimation Sensor Fusion

Tightly Coupled 3D Lidar Inertial Odometry and Mapping

hyye/lio-mapping 15 Apr 2019

By sensor fusion, we can compensate the deficiencies of stand-alone sensors and provide more reliable estimations.

Motion Estimation Sensor Fusion

R2LIVE: A Robust, Real-time, LiDAR-Inertial-Visual tightly-coupled state Estimator and mapping

hku-mars/r2live 24 Feb 2021

Our proposed framework is composed of two parts: the filter-based odometry and factor graph optimization.

Sensor Fusion Robotics

The ApolloScape Open Dataset for Autonomous Driving and its Application

ApolloScapeAuto/dataset-api 16 Mar 2018

In this paper, we provide a sensor fusion scheme integrating camera videos, consumer-grade motion sensors (GPS/IMU), and a 3D semantic map in order to achieve robust self-localization and semantic segmentation for autonomous driving.

Autonomous Driving Instance Segmentation +3

LATTE: Accelerating LiDAR Point Cloud Annotation via Sensor Fusion, One-Click Annotation, and Tracking

bernwang/latte 19 Apr 2019

2) One-click annotation: Instead of drawing 3D bounding boxes or point-wise labels, we simplify the annotation to just one click on the target object, and automatically generate the bounding box for the target.

Autonomous Vehicles Sensor Fusion

CenterFusion: Center-based Radar and Camera Fusion for 3D Object Detection

mrnabati/CenterFusion 10 Nov 2020

In this paper, we focus on the problem of radar and camera sensor fusion and propose a middle-fusion approach to exploit both radar and camera data for 3D object detection.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Vehicles +1