Small Data Image Classification

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Supervised image classification with tens to hundreds of labeled training examples.

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Learning What and Where to Transfer

jindongwang/transferlearning 15 May 2019

To address the issue, we propose a novel transfer learning approach based on meta-learning that can automatically learn what knowledge to transfer from the source network to where in the target network.

Meta-Learning Small Data Image Classification +1

Unveiling COVID-19 from Chest X-ray with deep learning: a hurdles race with small data

ieee8023/covid-chestxray-dataset 11 Apr 2020

The possibility to use widespread and simple chest X-ray (CXR) imaging for early screening of COVID-19 patients is attracting much interest from both the clinical and the AI community.

Small Data Image Classification Transfer Learning

Retina U-Net: Embarrassingly Simple Exploitation of Segmentation Supervision for Medical Object Detection

pfjaeger/medicaldetectiontoolkit 21 Nov 2018

The proposed architecture recaptures discarded supervision signals by complementing object detection with an auxiliary task in the form of semantic segmentation without introducing the additional complexity of previously proposed two-stage detectors.

Medical Object Detection Semantic Segmentation +1

SMILES Transformer: Pre-trained Molecular Fingerprint for Low Data Drug Discovery

DSPsleeporg/smiles-transformer 12 Nov 2019

Inspired by Transformer and pre-trained language models from natural language processing, SMILES Transformer learns molecular fingerprints through unsupervised pre-training of the sequence-to-sequence language model using a huge corpus of SMILES, a text representation system for molecules.

Drug Discovery Language Modelling +2

Hidden Physics Models: Machine Learning of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

maziarraissi/HPM 2 Aug 2017

While there is currently a lot of enthusiasm about "big data", useful data is usually "small" and expensive to acquire.

Gaussian Processes Small Data Image Classification

Guided Source Separation Meets a Strong ASR Backend: Hitachi/Paderborn University Joint Investigation for Dinner Party ASR

fgnt/pb_chime5 29 May 2019

In this paper, we present Hitachi and Paderborn University's joint effort for automatic speech recognition (ASR) in a dinner party scenario.

automatic-speech-recognition Small Data Image Classification +2

Harnessing the Power of Infinitely Wide Deep Nets on Small-data Tasks

LeoYu/neural-tangent-kernel-UCI ICLR 2020

On VOC07 testbed for few-shot image classification tasks on ImageNet with transfer learning (Goyal et al., 2019), replacing the linear SVM currently used with a Convolutional NTK SVM consistently improves performance.

Few-Shot Image Classification General Classification +2