Snow Removal

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Most implemented papers

Restoring Snow-Degraded Single Images With Wavelet in Vision Transformer

WINS-lab/WiT IEEE Access 2023

In our experiments, we evaluated the performance of our model on the popular SRRS, SNOW100K, and CSD datasets, respectively.

Video Rain/Snow Removal by Transformed Online Multiscale Convolutional Sparse Coding

MinghanLi/OTMSCSC_matlab_2020 13 Sep 2019

Furthermore, a transformation operator imposed on the background scenes is further embedded into the proposed model, which finely conveys the dynamic background transformations, such as rotations, scalings and distortions, inevitably existed in a real video sequence.

ALL Snow Removed: Single Image Desnowing Algorithm Using Hierarchical Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Representation and Contradict Channel Loss

weitingchen83/iccv2021-single-image-desnowing-hdcwnet ICCV 2021

Moreover, due to the limitation of existing snow datasets, to simulate the snow scenarios comprehensively, we propose a large-scale dataset called Comprehensive Snow Dataset (CSD).

Marine Snow Removal Benchmarking Dataset

ychtanaka/marine-snow 26 Mar 2021

This paper introduces a new benchmarking dataset for marine snow removal of underwater images.

LMQFormer: A Laplace-Prior-Guided Mask Query Transformer for Lightweight Snow Removal

StephenLinn/LMQFormer 10 Oct 2022

Secondly, we design a Mask Query Transformer (MQFormer) to remove snow with the coarse mask, where we use two parallel encoders and a hybrid decoder to learn extensive snow features under lightweight requirements.

LiSnowNet: Real-time Snow Removal for LiDAR Point Cloud

umautobots/lisnownet 18 Nov 2022

LiDARs have been widely adopted to modern self-driving vehicles, providing 3D information of the scene and surrounding objects.

Snow Removal for LiDAR Point Clouds with Spatio-temporal Conditional Random Fields


The proposed approach first constructs the CRF based on k-nearest neighbors with the snow confidence derived from the physical priors of snow, such as intensity and distribution.

A deep learning approach for marine snow synthesis and removal

fergaletto/mssr 27 Nov 2023

Marine snow, the floating particles in underwater images, severely degrades the visibility and performance of human and machine vision systems.