Single Particle Analysis

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Single Particle Analysis

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Habitat 2.0: Training Home Assistants to Rearrange their Habitat

facebookresearch/habitat-lab NeurIPS 2021

We introduce Habitat 2. 0 (H2. 0), a simulation platform for training virtual robots in interactive 3D environments and complex physics-enabled scenarios.

Cloud Removal for Remote Sensing Imagery via Spatial Attention Generative Adversarial Network

Penn000/SpA-GAN_for_cloud_removal 28 Sep 2020

Optical remote sensing imagery has been widely used in many fields due to its high resolution and stable geometric properties.

Learning to recover orientations from projections in single-particle cryo-EM

JelenaBanjac/protein-reconstruction NeurIPS 2021

Our approach consists of two steps: (i) the estimation of distances between pairs of projections, and (ii) the recovery of the orientation of each projection from these distances.

SpA-Former: Transformer image shadow detection and removal via spatial attention

zhangbaijin/spa-former-shadow-removal 22 Jun 2022

In this paper, we propose an end-to-end SpA-Former to recover a shadow-free image from a single shaded image.

Learning from History: Task-agnostic Model Contrastive Learning for Image Restoration

Aitical/MCLIR 12 Sep 2023

Our approach, named Model Contrastive Learning for Image Restoration (MCLIR), rejuvenates latency models as negative models, making it compatible with diverse image restoration tasks.

DeepPicker: a Deep Learning Approach for Fully Automated Particle Picking in Cryo-EM

nejyeah/DeepPicker-python 6 May 2016

Particle picking is a time-consuming step in single-particle analysis and often requires significant interventions from users, which has become a bottleneck for future automated electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM).

Classification via local manifold approximation

david-dunson/SPAclassifier 3 Mar 2019

It is challenging to obtain accurate classification performance when the feature distributions in the different classes are complex, with nonlinear, overlapping and intersecting supports.

Improving the resolution of Cryo-EM single particle analysis

alncat/cryoem 11 Mar 2020

We proposed to enforce both sparsity and smoothness to improve the regularity of electron density map in the refinement process.

Momentum via Primal Averaging: Theoretical Insights and Learning Rate Schedules for Non-Convex Optimization

facebookresearch/madgrad 1 Oct 2020

Momentum methods are now used pervasively within the machine learning community for training non-convex models such as deep neural networks.

Permutationless Many-Jet Event Reconstruction with Symmetry Preserving Attention Networks

Alexanders101/SPA_Net_Code_Release 19 Oct 2020

Top quarks, produced in large numbers at the Large Hadron Collider, have a complex detector signature and require special reconstruction techniques.