Spatial Relation Recognition

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Most implemented papers

Learning Object Placements For Relational Instructions by Hallucinating Scene Representations

mees/AIS-Alexa-Robot 23 Jan 2020

One particular requirement for such robots is that they are able to understand spatial relations and can place objects in accordance with the spatial relations expressed by their user.

Rel3D: A Minimally Contrastive Benchmark for Grounding Spatial Relations in 3D

princeton-vl/Rel3D NeurIPS 2020

The 3D scenes in our dataset come in minimally contrastive pairs: two scenes in a pair are almost identical, but a spatial relation holds in one and fails in the other.

SpatialSense: An Adversarially Crowdsourced Benchmark for Spatial Relation Recognition

princeton-vl/SpatialSense ICCV 2019

Understanding the spatial relations between objects in images is a surprisingly challenging task.