Speech Extraction

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Improving speaker discrimination of target speech extraction with time-domain SpeakerBeam

jyhan03/channel-decorrelation 23 Jan 2020

First, we propose a time-domain implementation of SpeakerBeam similar to that proposed for a time-domain audio separation network (TasNet), which has achieved state-of-the-art performance for speech separation.

Multi-channel target speech extraction with channel decorrelation and target speaker adaptation

jyhan03/channel-decorrelation 19 Oct 2020

In this work, we propose two methods for exploiting the multi-channel spatial information to extract the target speech.

DPCCN: Densely-Connected Pyramid Complex Convolutional Network for Robust Speech Separation And Extraction

jyhan03/icassp22-dataset 27 Dec 2021

Particularly, we find that the Mixture-Remix fine-tuning with DPCCN significantly outperforms the TD-SpeakerBeam for unsupervised cross-domain TSE, with around 3. 5 dB SISNR improvement on target domain test set, without any source domain performance degradation.