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Spatial Dual-Modality Graph Reasoning for Key Information Extraction

open-mmlab/mmocr 26 Mar 2021

In order to roundly evaluate our proposed method as well as boost the future research, we release a new dataset named WildReceipt, which is collected and annotated tailored for the evaluation of key information extraction from document images of unseen templates in the wild.

Key Information Extraction Template Matching

TernausNetV2: Fully Convolutional Network for Instance Segmentation

ternaus/TernausNetV2 3 Jun 2018

The most common approaches to instance segmentation are complex and use two-stage networks with object proposals, conditional random-fields, template matching or recurrent neural networks.

Instance Segmentation Semantic Segmentation +2

BundleTrack: 6D Pose Tracking for Novel Objects without Instance or Category-Level 3D Models

wenbowen123/BundleTrack 1 Aug 2021

Most prior efforts, however, often assume that the target object's CAD model, at least at a category-level, is available for offline training or during online template matching.

3D Object Tracking 6D Pose Estimation +6

Deep Watershed Transform for Instance Segmentation

min2209/dwt CVPR 2017

Most contemporary approaches to instance segmentation use complex pipelines involving conditional random fields, recurrent neural networks, object proposals, or template matching schemes.

Instance Segmentation Semantic Segmentation +1

BOP: Benchmark for 6D Object Pose Estimation

thodan/bop_toolkit ECCV 2018

We propose a benchmark for 6D pose estimation of a rigid object from a single RGB-D input image.

6D Pose Estimation 6D Pose Estimation using RGB +2

Learning Deep Features for One-Class Classification

PramuPerera/DeepOneClass 16 Jan 2018

We propose a deep learning-based solution for the problem of feature learning in one-class classification.

Anomaly Detection Classification +2

Tracking Holistic Object Representations

xl-sr/THOR 21 Jul 2019

The framework leverages the idea of obtaining additional object templates during the tracking process.

Template Matching Visual Object Tracking +1

Fast and accurate spike sorting of high-channel count probes with KiloSort

cortex-lab/KiloSort NeurIPS 2016

Unlike previous algorithms that compress the data with PCA, KiloSort operates on the raw data which allows it to construct a more accurate model of the waveforms.

Spike Sorting Template Matching

QATM: Quality-Aware Template Matching For Deep Learning

cplusx/QATM CVPR 2019

Finding a template in a search image is one of the core problems many computer vision, such as semantic image semantic, image-to-GPS verification \etc.

Image-To-Gps Verification Template Matching

Template Matching with Deformable Diversity Similarity

roimehrez/DDIS CVPR 2017

We propose a novel measure for template matching named Deformable Diversity Similarity -- based on the diversity of feature matches between a target image window and the template.

Template Matching