Text-based Person Retrieval

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DSSL: Deep Surroundings-person Separation Learning for Text-based Person Retrieval

njtechcvlab/rstpreid-dataset 12 Sep 2021

Many previous methods on text-based person retrieval tasks are devoted to learning a latent common space mapping, with the purpose of extracting modality-invariant features from both visual and textual modality.

Text-based Person Search in Full Images via Semantic-Driven Proposal Generation

Dacun/Text-based-Person-Search 27 Sep 2021

Finding target persons in full scene images with a query of text description has important practical applications in intelligent video surveillance. However, different from the real-world scenarios where the bounding boxes are not available, existing text-based person retrieval methods mainly focus on the cross modal matching between the query text descriptions and the gallery of cropped pedestrian images.

See Finer, See More: Implicit Modality Alignment for Text-based Person Retrieval

tencentyouturesearch/personretrieval-ivt 18 Aug 2022

To explore the fine-grained alignment, we further propose two implicit semantic alignment paradigms: multi-level alignment (MLA) and bidirectional mask modeling (BMM).

A Simple and Robust Correlation Filtering Method for Text-based Person Search

Suo-Wei/SRCF ECCV 2022 2022

Text-based person search aims to associate pedestrian images with natural language descriptions.

Cross-Modal Implicit Relation Reasoning and Aligning for Text-to-Image Person Retrieval

anosorae/irra CVPR 2023

To alleviate these issues, we present IRRA: a cross-modal Implicit Relation Reasoning and Aligning framework that learns relations between local visual-textual tokens and enhances global image-text matching without requiring additional prior supervision.

PLIP: Language-Image Pre-training for Person Representation Learning

zplusdragon/plip 15 May 2023

Extensive experiments demonstrate that our model not only significantly improves existing methods on all these tasks, but also shows great ability in the few-shot and domain generalization settings.

Towards Unified Text-based Person Retrieval: A Large-scale Multi-Attribute and Language Search Benchmark

Shuyu-XJTU/APTM 5 Jun 2023

To verify the feasibility of learning from the generated data, we develop a new joint Attribute Prompt Learning and Text Matching Learning (APTM) framework, considering the shared knowledge between attribute and text.

Noisy-Correspondence Learning for Text-to-Image Person Re-identification

QinYang79/RDE 19 Aug 2023

Text-to-image person re-identification (TIReID) is a compelling topic in the cross-modal community, which aims to retrieve the target person based on a textual query.