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DreamFusion: Text-to-3D using 2D Diffusion

ashawkey/stable-dreamfusion 29 Sep 2022

Using this loss in a DeepDream-like procedure, we optimize a randomly-initialized 3D model (a Neural Radiance Field, or NeRF) via gradient descent such that its 2D renderings from random angles achieve a low loss.

Fantasia3D: Disentangling Geometry and Appearance for High-quality Text-to-3D Content Creation

Gorilla-Lab-SCUT/Fantasia3D 24 Mar 2023

Key to Fantasia3D is the disentangled modeling and learning of geometry and appearance.

Latent-NeRF for Shape-Guided Generation of 3D Shapes and Textures

eladrich/latent-nerf CVPR 2023

This unique combination of text and shape guidance allows for increased control over the generation process.

ProlificDreamer: High-Fidelity and Diverse Text-to-3D Generation with Variational Score Distillation

threestudio-project/threestudio 25 May 2023

In this work, we propose to model the 3D parameter as a random variable instead of a constant as in SDS and present variational score distillation (VSD), a principled particle-based variational framework to explain and address the aforementioned issues in text-to-3D generation.

Intelligent Home 3D: Automatic 3D-House Design from Linguistic Descriptions Only

chenqi008/HPGM CVPR 2020

To this end, we propose a House Plan Generative Model (HPGM) that first translates the language input to a structural graph representation and then predicts the layout of rooms with a Graph Conditioned Layout Prediction Network (GC LPN) and generates the interior texture with a Language Conditioned Texture GAN (LCT-GAN).

Magic3D: High-Resolution Text-to-3D Content Creation

chinhsuanwu/dreamfusionacc CVPR 2023

DreamFusion has recently demonstrated the utility of a pre-trained text-to-image diffusion model to optimize Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF), achieving remarkable text-to-3D synthesis results.

NeuralLift-360: Lifting An In-the-wild 2D Photo to A 3D Object with 360° Views

VITA-Group/NeuralLift-360 29 Nov 2022

In this work, we study the challenging task of lifting a single image to a 3D object and, for the first time, demonstrate the ability to generate a plausible 3D object with 360{\deg} views that correspond well with the given reference image.

SDFusion: Multimodal 3D Shape Completion, Reconstruction, and Generation

yccyenchicheng/SDFusion CVPR 2023

To enable interactive generation, our method supports a variety of input modalities that can be easily provided by a human, including images, text, partially observed shapes and combinations of these, further allowing to adjust the strength of each input.

ChatGPT is not all you need. A State of the Art Review of large Generative AI models

zhaoolee/garss 11 Jan 2023

During the last two years there has been a plethora of large generative models such as ChatGPT or Stable Diffusion that have been published.

Let 2D Diffusion Model Know 3D-Consistency for Robust Text-to-3D Generation

KU-CVLAB/3DFuse 14 Mar 2023

Text-to-3D generation has shown rapid progress in recent days with the advent of score distillation, a methodology of using pretrained text-to-2D diffusion models to optimize neural radiance field (NeRF) in the zero-shot setting.