Text-to-Face Generation

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Most implemented papers

Text2FaceGAN: Face Generation from Fine Grained Textual Descriptions

midas-research/text2facegan 26 Nov 2019

We then model the highly multi-modal problem of text to face generation as learning the conditional distribution of faces (conditioned on text) in same latent space.

Parallel and High-Fidelity Text-to-Lip Generation

Dianezzy/ParaLip 14 Jul 2021

However, the AR decoding manner generates current lip frame conditioned on frames generated previously, which inherently hinders the inference speed, and also has a detrimental effect on the quality of generated lip frames due to error propagation.

AI-generated characters for supporting personalized learning and well-being

mitmedialab/AI-generated-characters Nature Machine Intelligence 2021

Advancements in machine learning have recently enabled the hyper-realistic synthesis of prose, images, audio and video data, in what is referred to as artificial intelligence (AI)-generated media.

Unite and Conquer: Plug & Play Multi-Modal Synthesis using Diffusion Models

Nithin-GK/UniteandConquer CVPR 2023

We also introduce a novel reliability parameter that allows using different off-the-shelf diffusion models trained across various datasets during sampling time alone to guide it to the desired outcome satisfying multiple constraints.