Time Series Alignment

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Most implemented papers

Diffeomorphic Temporal Alignment Nets

BGU-CS-VIL/dtan NeurIPS 2019

In a single-class case, the method is unsupervised: the ground-truth alignments are unknown.

Time Series Alignment with Global Invariances

rtavenar/dtw_gi 10 Feb 2020

Multivariate time series are ubiquitous objects in signal processing.

Closed-Form Diffeomorphic Transformations for Time Series Alignment

imartinezl/difw 16 Jun 2022

Gradient-based optimization frameworks containing diffeomorphic transformations require to calculate derivatives to the differential equation's solution with respect to the model parameters, i. e. sensitivity analysis.

Taming Pre-trained LLMs for Generalised Time Series Forecasting via Cross-modal Knowledge Distillation

hank0626/llata 12 Mar 2024

Recently, with the surge of the Large Language Models (LLMs), several works have attempted to introduce LLMs into time series forecasting.