Time Series Averaging

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Most implemented papers

Trainable Time Warping: Aligning Time-Series in the Continuous-Time Domain

soheil-khorram/TTW 21 Mar 2019

We introduce trainable time warping (TTW), whose complexity is linear in both the number and the length of time-series.

Diffeomorphic Temporal Alignment Nets

BGU-CS-VIL/dtan NeurIPS 2019

In a single-class case, the method is unsupervised: the ground-truth alignments are unknown.

Differentiable Divergences Between Time Series

google-research/soft-dtw-divergences 16 Oct 2020

Soft-DTW addresses these issues, but it is not a positive definite divergence: due to the bias introduced by entropic regularization, it can be negative and it is not minimized when the time series are equal.