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Neural Machine Translation of Rare Words with Subword Units

ACL 2016 facebookresearch/fairseq-py

Neural machine translation (NMT) models typically operate with a fixed vocabulary, but translation is an open-vocabulary problem.


Design Challenges in Named Entity Transliteration

COLING 2018 steveash/NETransliteration-COLING2018

We analyze some of the fundamental design challenges that impact the development of a multilingual state-of-the-art named entity transliteration system, including curating bilingual named entity datasets and evaluation of multiple transliteration methods.


How Grammatical is Character-level Neural Machine Translation? Assessing MT Quality with Contrastive Translation Pairs

EACL 2017 rsennrich/lingeval97

Analysing translation quality in regards to specific linguistic phenomena has historically been difficult and time-consuming.


Efficient Sequence Labeling with Actor-Critic Training

30 Sep 2018SaeedNajafi/ac-tagger

We set out to establish RNNs as an attractive alternative to CRFs for sequence labeling.


Bootstrapping Transliteration with Constrained Discovery for Low-Resource Languages

EMNLP 2018 shyamupa/hma-translit

Generating the English transliteration of a name written in a foreign script is an important and challenging step in multilingual knowledge acquisition and information extraction.


A Rule-based Kurdish Text Transliteration System

26 Nov 2018sinaahmadi/wergor

In this article, we present a rule-based approach for transliterating two mostly used orthographies in Sorani Kurdish.