Unsupervised Speech Recognition

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A segmental framework for fully-unsupervised large-vocabulary speech recognition

kamperh/bucktsong_segmentalist 22 Jun 2016

We also show that the discovered clusters can be made less speaker- and gender-specific by using an unsupervised autoencoder-like feature extractor to learn better frame-level features (prior to embedding).

Unsupervised Speech Recognition

pytorch/fairseq NeurIPS 2021

Despite rapid progress in the recent past, current speech recognition systems still require labeled training data which limits this technology to a small fraction of the languages spoken around the globe.

Towards End-to-end Unsupervised Speech Recognition

pytorch/fairseq 5 Apr 2022

Unsupervised speech recognition has shown great potential to make Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems accessible to every language.

Supervised Acoustic Embeddings And Their Transferability Across Languages

h-aldarmaki/acoustic_embeddings 3 Jan 2023

In speech recognition, it is essential to model the phonetic content of the input signal while discarding irrelevant factors such as speaker variations and noise, which is challenging in low-resource settings.

A Theory of Unsupervised Speech Recognition

cactuswiththoughts/unsupasrtheory 9 Jun 2023

Unsupervised speech recognition (ASR-U) is the problem of learning automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems from unpaired speech-only and text-only corpora.

Unsupervised Speech Recognition with N-Skipgram and Positional Unigram Matching

lwang114/graphunsupasr 3 Oct 2023

Training unsupervised speech recognition systems presents challenges due to GAN-associated instability, misalignment between speech and text, and significant memory demands.