Unsupervised Speech Recognition

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A segmental framework for fully-unsupervised large-vocabulary speech recognition

kamperh/bucktsong_segmentalist 22 Jun 2016

We also show that the discovered clusters can be made less speaker- and gender-specific by using an unsupervised autoencoder-like feature extractor to learn better frame-level features (prior to embedding).

Unsupervised Speech Recognition

pytorch/fairseq NeurIPS 2021

Despite rapid progress in the recent past, current speech recognition systems still require labeled training data which limits this technology to a small fraction of the languages spoken around the globe.

Towards End-to-end Unsupervised Speech Recognition

pytorch/fairseq 5 Apr 2022

Unsupervised speech recognition has shown great potential to make Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems accessible to every language.