User Simulation

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Simulation of user interacting with a dialog system

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A User Simulator for Task-Completion Dialogues

MiuLab/UserSimulator 17 Dec 2016

Then, one can train reinforcement learning agents in an online fashion as they interact with the simulator.

KuaiRec: A Fully-observed Dataset and Insights for Evaluating Recommender Systems

chongminggao/KuaiRec 22 Feb 2022

The progress of recommender systems is hampered mainly by evaluation as it requires real-time interactions between humans and systems, which is too laborious and expensive.

CrossWOZ: A Large-Scale Chinese Cross-Domain Task-Oriented Dialogue Dataset

thu-coai/CrossWOZ TACL 2020

To advance multi-domain (cross-domain) dialogue modeling as well as alleviate the shortage of Chinese task-oriented datasets, we propose CrossWOZ, the first large-scale Chinese Cross-Domain Wizard-of-Oz task-oriented dataset.

In-Context Learning User Simulators for Task-Oriented Dialog Systems

telepathylabsai/prompt-based-user-simulator 1 Jun 2023

This paper presents a novel application of large language models in user simulation for task-oriented dialog systems, specifically focusing on an in-context learning approach.

How to Build User Simulators to Train RL-based Dialog Systems

wyshi/user-simulator IJCNLP 2019

We propose a method of standardizing user simulator building that can be used by the community to compare dialog system quality using the same set of user simulators fairly.

Variational Hierarchical Dialog Autoencoder for Dialog State Tracking Data Augmentation

kaniblu/vhda EMNLP 2020

Recent works have shown that generative data augmentation, where synthetic samples generated from deep generative models complement the training dataset, benefit NLP tasks.

Evaluating Conversational Recommender Systems via User Simulation

iai-group/kdd2020-usersim 15 Jun 2020

Conversational information access is an emerging research area.

Simulating User Satisfaction for the Evaluation of Task-oriented Dialogue Systems

sunnweiwei/user-satisfaction-simulation 8 May 2021

The purpose of the task is to increase the evaluation power of user simulations and to make the simulation more human-like.

Reactive and Safe Road User Simulations using Neural Barrier Certificates

mengyuest/reactive_cbf 14 Sep 2021

Reactive and safe agent modelings are important for nowadays traffic simulator designs and safe planning applications.

Evaluating Mixed-initiative Conversational Search Systems via User Simulation

isekulic/usi 17 Apr 2022

Clarifying the underlying user information need by asking clarifying questions is an important feature of modern conversational search system.