Video Forensics

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Video Face Manipulation Detection Through Ensemble of CNNs

polimi-ispl/icpr2020dfdc 16 Apr 2020

In this paper, we tackle the problem of face manipulation detection in video sequences targeting modern facial manipulation techniques.

EarthNet2021: A large-scale dataset and challenge for Earth surface forecasting as a guided video prediction task

earthnet2021/earthnet-model-intercomparison-suite 16 Apr 2021

We frame Earth surface forecasting as the task of predicting satellite imagery conditioned on future weather.

DeeperForensics-1.0: A Large-Scale Dataset for Real-World Face Forgery Detection

EndlessSora/DeeperForensics-1.0 CVPR 2020

The quality of generated videos outperforms those in existing datasets, validated by user studies.

H4VDM: H.264 Video Device Matching

viper-purdue/h4vdm 20 Oct 2022

We denote our proposed technique as H. 264 Video Device Matching (H4VDM).

MTN: Forensic Analysis of MP4 Video Files Using Graph Neural Networks

viper-purdue/mtn IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW) 2023

In this paper, we propose MP4 Tree Network (MTN), an approach based on an end-to-end Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) that is used for forensic analysis of MP4 trees.