Video Object Tracking

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Video Object Detection aims to detect targets in videos using both spatial and temporal information. It's usually deeply integrated with tasks such as Object Detection and Object Tracking.

Most implemented papers

Video Polyp Segmentation: A Deep Learning Perspective

DengPingFan/PraNet 27 Mar 2022

We present the first comprehensive video polyp segmentation (VPS) study in the deep learning era.

Learning Adaptive Discriminative Correlation Filters via Temporal Consistency Preserving Spatial Feature Selection for Robust Visual Tracking


The key innovations of the proposed method include adaptive spatial feature selection and temporal consistent constraints, with which the new tracker enables joint spatial-temporal filter learning in a lower dimensional discriminative manifold.

Weakly Supervised Convolutional LSTM Approach for Tool Tracking in Laparoscopic Videos

CAMMA-public/ConvLSTM-Surgical-Tool-Tracker 4 Dec 2018

Results: We build a baseline tracker on top of the CNN model and demonstrate that our approach based on the ConvLSTM outperforms the baseline in tool presence detection, spatial localization, and motion tracking by over 5. 0%, 13. 9%, and 12. 6%, respectively.

SPARK: Spatial-aware Online Incremental Attack Against Visual Tracking

tsingqguo/AttackTracker ECCV 2020

We identify that online object tracking poses two new challenges: 1) it is difficult to generate imperceptible perturbations that can transfer across frames, and 2) real-time trackers require the attack to satisfy a certain level of efficiency.

Fast Template Matching and Update for Video Object Tracking and Segmentation

insomnia94/FTMU CVPR 2020

Specifically, the reinforcement learning agent learns to decide whether to update the target template according to the quality of the predicted result.

ApproxDet: Content and Contention-Aware Approximate Object Detection for Mobiles

StarsThu2016/ApproxDet 21 Oct 2020

In this paper we introduce ApproxDet, an adaptive video object detection framework for mobile devices to meet accuracy-latency requirements in the face of changing content and resource contention scenarios.

Contrastive Transformation for Self-supervised Correspondence Learning

594422814/ContrastCorr 9 Dec 2020

It is worth mentioning that our method also surpasses the fully-supervised affinity representation (e. g., ResNet) and performs competitively against the recent fully-supervised algorithms designed for the specific tasks (e. g., VOT and VOS).

TDIOT: Target-driven Inference for Deep Video Object Tracking

msprITU/TDIOT 19 Mar 2021

For effective video object tracking, object detection is integrated with a data association step performed by either a custom design inference architecture or an end-to-end joint training for tracking purpose.

Transformer Meets Tracker: Exploiting Temporal Context for Robust Visual Tracking

594422814/TransformerTrack CVPR 2021

In video object tracking, there exist rich temporal contexts among successive frames, which have been largely overlooked in existing trackers.